Thursday, July 17, 2008

Finally some new updates

Hey everyone! Michael is usually the one who posts our blogs, which is why they have been so few and far between. lol I've had a few people tell me that we need to update it so here goes. Makayla is now 17 months old and has quite a personality. She is really good most of the time, but now when she doesn't get her way she lets you know how she feels...She is becoming her own person, and we love it. She is also talking a lot these days! She really understands what we say and responds. For example, if she falls and bumps her arm, if we ask her what happened she will show us and try to explain it to us. It's really cute. She loves animals and reading, which is good. We recently discovered Elmo and Sesame Street so we really like that. She loves to help me with chores around the house which is great. Overall she is just so much fun to be around. It just keeps getting better! As for Michael, he is teaching summer school and will actually be teaching 7th grade in Sept. He loves Biology so when there was an opening at his school he took it. He also finished school last month. Woo hoo!! He now has his credential and Master's Degree! We are so proud and glad that he is done with school for now. As for me, I'm just keeping busy. I have been watching a little boy for almost a year now so both he and Makayla keep me occupied, but I love it! I finally got back into scrapbooking so I'm trying to catch up. Overall we are all doing great. We are looking forward to our family vacation at the end of this month. We were going to go to Lake Arrowhead but Michael broke his wrist so we decided not to go. Instead we are going to take Makayla to Disneyland, go to the beach, and do other stuff like that. No matter what we do it will be a blast. Well, that's it for now.