Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Search engine and ads

Hey everyone! We recently added a search engine and ads to our blog page. Feel free to use them whenever you want! The ads will change based on the content of our blog so check back to see what's new. Thanks!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My chubba bubba

I can't believe how big Landon is already. He is now 3 months old and getting bigger every day. Within the last month or so he has really started to fill out. I love his double chin and little rolls. Our new nicknames for him are Chubba Bubba, and Chunky Monkey lol I think he is definitely going to be bigger than Makayla was. He is such a sweet baby. He hardly ever cries, and when he does it's usually because he's hungry. He eats about 3-5 ounces every 2-3 hours. He has just recently started sleeping for a long stretch, all through the night. It is amazing!!! He goes to bed around 10pm and wakes up around 6am. It is wonderful! He smiles all the time and is so close to laughing. He actually rolled over the other day on the bed (which might have helped) from his back to his tummy. Such a strong boy! He is growing out of his clothes faster than he can wear them, unlike Makayla who is still wearing some 18 month clothes. We love him so much and Makayla cannot get enough of him. Every morning when she wakes up she asks "Where's Landon?" She loves to talk to him and and kiss him. We are so grateful for both of our precious children. Here are some recent pictures of our Chubba Bubba...

Recent events

As of July 22, Makayla is officially potty trained! Woo hoo!! She has been going poop in the toilet since she was 18 months, but is now going pee in the toilet as well. At first we tried the pull ups, but she still went pee in them so I decided to just put her in underwear to see what happened. We also bribed her with "potty treats" - smarties. Every time she went pee in the toilet she got a few of them. She had a few accidents at first, but within a few days she was staying dry, even after naps and sleeping all night. We are so proud of her! One day she said "I went pee pee and poo poo in the toilet, I can't believe it! I'm so proud of myself" Too cute! This past weekend I took her to the store to pick out new big girl underwear. She was so excited.
Then today Makayla and I went to a pool party at the Jackman's house. Daddy was nice enough to watch Landon so we could have some time together) It was a lot of fun. There were a bunch of kids there. She loved the water this time. Last summer she would get in but only if someone was holding her. Today she wanted to float with a noodle all by herself. (Sorry no pictures of that because I was right beside her just in case) She also enjoyed sitting in a floaty and just relaxing. Overall, we had a great day together! Here are some pictures of these recent events...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catch up...

June 21 Father's Day - Michael had early morning meetings so we woke up extra early to give him his gifts before he left for church. We gave him a phone charging station, some new shirts and I made him a Dodger fleece tied blanket. I think he liked them all. After church we went to my parent's house to spend time with my dad. (We celebrated Father's Day the day before with Michael's dad) Overall we had a nice day. I am so grateful for Michael and the wonderful husband and father he is. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives.
This summer Makayla has really enjoyed running through the sprinklers...too cute!
July 1 - 9 Family vacation to Utah - We decided that it was time to visit our family in Utah. We haven't been there in about 5 years. We stayed a few nights with my grandparents, and the rest of our time with my Aunt and her family. My other grandparents were staying with them too so we got to visit with them as well. We had a great time! We drove all night so the kids would sleep, and they did great. Makayla got a little car sick and threw up so we had to stop and clean her up. Poor thing. It took about 11 hours to get there and 10 hours to get back. Makayla had a blast playing with her cousins. Too bad they live so far away. While we were there we celebrated the 4th of July by going to a boutique in Provo and lighting fireworks that night. Makayla did the monster snaps all by herself, and loved it. We ate at some good restaurants: Maria Bonitas, Cafe Rio and Tucanos. Good stuff!! Michael played a round of golf with my Uncle, and enjoyed playing Wii golf, tennis, bowling... I got to go shopping for scrapbooking supplies...so much stuff to choose from!! Overall we had a great trip relaxing and spending time with family. Oh yeah, we have been trying to get rid of Makayla's uh-oh (pacifier) for a long time now, so we thought we would "accidentally" leave it in Utah and see what happens. So far she has done pretty good without it. During the day if she asks for it we change the subject or distract her which works, but nighttime is much harder!! The past few nights have been really hard for her. She is so used to having it, that she has to learn a new way to soothe herself. She usually cries for a little bit and ends up falling asleep with one of us holding her. I hope this doesn't last too long because I hate seeing her upset like that...She's almost 2 1/2 though, so she's old enough to not need one anymore. We'll see how it goes these next few days...Other than that we are just enjoying our summer with Michael. Yes, he has the whole summer off with us, and we love it!! Here are some pictures from Father's day and our trip.
Oh yeah, a few months ago we planted a garden in our backyard and it is doing great! We planted strawberries, two types of cucumbers, green bell peppers, two types of tomatoes, corn, jalepenos, onions, eggplant and grapes. So far we have picked and eaten strawberries, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, corn and eggplant. Everything has tasted great! It's actually a lot of fun growing your own food! I included a picture of the fruits of our labor. (Warning: there are a lot of pictures)