Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We're pregnant!!!

Some of you already know, but we are pregnant!! We are all very excited!
I am due May 6, 2009 and am 12 weeks today. I already had 2 ultrasounds, and so far everything looks great! I have also felt great the whole time, just tired, so I am very grateful for that!! Makayla is also excited. She will point to my tummy when we ask her where the baby is. Whenever we ask her if it's a boy or girl, she says "baby." It doesn't matter to us if it is a girl or boy, we will be happy either way. Just as long as we have a healthy baby. I think it's a boy, but I could be wrong. We should be able to find out sometime in December, so I'll let you know. Well, I know I have a lot of catching up to do on our blog. As soon as I upload pictures I will fill you all in on our summer vacation. I will also post baby/belly pictures asap. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. For Halloween, Makayla is going to be Tinkerbell. She is very excited, and loves her costume. She cried when I took it I am going to be Wendy and Michael is going to be Peter Pan (minus the tights) I am pretty much making his costume, simple and easy, so hopefully it turns out okay. Well, I better get going before Makayla wakes up from her nap.