Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Our home - Before and after


Landon's room
Makayla's room
Our bathroom
Our room/office
Kids bathroom
Dining room
Laundry room
Downstairs bathroom
Living room


Landon's room-I recently scrapped off the popcorn/cottage cheese ceiling so we still need to fix that, and finish painting.
Makayla's room-Painted. Just needs some decorations hung on the walls
Our bedroom-Painted. Also needs decorations on walls
Our bathroom/office-We left the paint as is. Will repaint later. Added towels and rug
Kids bathroom-Took down wallpaper, painted and finished
Backyard-Michael pulled out all weeds/plants. Just need to finish landscaping.
Dining room-Took down mirror, wallpaper, painted, new flooring. Need new chair rail
Laundry room-Took down wallpaper, painted, new flooring, finished
Kitchen-New flooring. Eventually update counter tops and cabinets
Downstairs bathroom-Gutted. Took down wallpaper, tore out mirror and vanity. New flooring, new sink, painted and new flooring, all finished.
Living room-Tore out old carpet, painted, new flooring, needs a few more decorations.

As you can see we have done a lot to this place, and we did most of the work ourselves, with the help of family and friends of course! A big thanks to everyone who helped! We will continue to post as we make changes to our house.

Close up pictures of new tile floors and laminate wood floors


I have been wanting to post for a while but wanted to have some before and after pictures of our place. Here is what we have been up to...

Feb. 5 We signed Escrow docs for our condo

Feb. 6 Big Day!! Since she was little she has loved her pacifier, or as she calls it an "uh-oh" We have been trying to get rid of it for awhile but she just wasn't ready. So, we decided together that she was a big girl and didn't need it anymore. So we wrapped them all up (seriously like 20 of them) and were going to give them to other babies that needed them. The first few days, mostly nights were rough, but after 3 days she stopped asking for them. She is officially done with pacifiers! Woo Hoo!

Feb. 9 Makayla's 3 Birthday. We went to lunch with Amber and Jasper Jackman. Then later that day I took her to get her nails done for the first time. She loved it, and did a great job sitting still. Then we had her choice of chicken tacos, bean & rice for dinner. Overall, she had a great day. I still can't believe that our baby girl is 3!!

Feb. 11 We officially bought/own our first place/condo

Feb. 13 We celebrated Makayla's 3rd birthday at my mom's house since we were getting ready to move. It was Disney's Enchanted theme, her favorite movie. We had pizza and salad for lunch and cake for dessert. I made a small castle cake for her. It took forever, but turned out pretty cute. She got a lot of clothes and some great toys. Overall, she had a great party.

Feb. 14 Valentine's Day - We went to church and spent the day with the Trimmell's and that night with the Ibey's. Michael and I exchanged gifts earlier on the 12th. He surprised me by making an appt for me to get my hair done. When I arrived at the salon there was a card, balloon and vase of roses, so sweet! He told me not to get him anything so I got him some red heart balloons and some big chocolate bars. We also got the kids some little things. It was a great day!

Feb. 28 We officially moved into our new home. During the weeks before we moved in we did a lot of work!! You'll be able to see that in the pictures! We still have more things to do, but it looks amazing! We tore out the carpet downstairs and put in laminate hardwood floors. Tore out the tile in the entry way, bathroom, kitchen and laundry room and replaced it with some really pretty Italian porcelain tiles. We gutted the downstairs bath and put in a new pedastal sink, mirror and medicine cabinet. New paint downstairs and upstairs. We eventually want to update the kitchen cabinets and countertops and the bathrooms upstairs, but that all comes with time. A little here, a little there. It's been a lot of work, but we love it because it's our place!

March 11 We went to the La Habra Children's Museum with Amber, her sister Nichelle and Jasper. The kids loved it! We will probably be going a lot since it's down the street.

March 17 St. Patrick's Day. We had green pancakes for breakfast. Daddy forgot his lunch so we stopped by his work to drop it off. Then we went to the library for story time. Then for dinner we went to the Trimmell's and had corned beef and cabbage. Good day.

March 22 Landon got his first tooth - On the bottom left if looking at him.
He's been doing a lot of new things lately. Making a "huh huh" noise for a dog barking, shaking his head no, coping me when I say "uh uh uh" lol moves are back and forth for airplane, learned how to drink from a straw, and has been "talking" a lot! Like having his own conversations with everyone in his own baby language, it's really cute.

April 4 Easter. I got the kids matching Easter outfits for church that they also wore on Easter. They looked so cute. We spent the morning with the Trimmell's and then the afternoon and evening with the Ibey's. The kids enjoyed getting baskets full of goodies and toys and had a blast with the Easter egg hunt. Landon actually did pretty good. This was his first Easter and I think he enjoyed it. Overall we had a great day full of great food and good times with family. We are all grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ who died for us and made it possible to return home to our Heavenly Father. He is the reason we celebrate Easter. (Forgot to mention that the kids also dyed easter eggs.)

April 2-12 Michael is on Spring Break this week so we are/will enjoy having him home. He does have to work a few days, and is leaving tonight to go to Arizona to help his parents work on his grandma's house, but he should be back late Friday, early Sat.

I think that's about it for now...Here are a bunch of pictures (Pictures of house to come in separate blog)