Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catch up...

There is so much to catch up on...Within the past few weeks Landon has really started doing things. He can now sit up by himself for a long amount of time. He is also pretty much crawling now. He will move his hands and legs a few times and then fall down on his tummy, but he's getting really good at it. He even tried to climb up the one step we have the other day.

On Oct. 15 Makayla and I went to Disney's California Adventure to go trick or treating with Amber and Jasper Jackman, her mom, and sisters Nichelle (and bf) and Stephanie. They had an extra ticket and invited us to join them. We had so much fun! We got to walk around and get candy at different stations, watch shows, and go on rides. Makayla and Jasper had a blast dancing to the music. Thanks for inviting us Amber!

Then back on Oct. 23-25 our family went to the San Bernardino Mountains to a Science camp called, Pali Mountain. They were letting teachers and their families preview it for free so we thought we would take advantage, and we're glad we did. We had a great time being out in nature. We went on small hikes, went to some science classes, like the balloon drop where we had to try to prevent our balloon from popping after dropping it off a balcony. Unfortunately, ours popped lol Michael and I were able to go on the zip line, which was awesome! I have never done it before, so I was a little nervous, but it was a lot of fun. This place also had great food! We were lucky enough to have a huge cabin to ourselves! One benefit of having young kids lol The bathrooms were in the cabin which was awesome! Since it was close to Halloween, they had pumpkin painting for the kids and other activities. Overall, we had a great time.

Then Oct. 31 was Halloween. That morning Makayla went to a work Halloween Party with my mom, and had a great time. She even won a fish! Then later that afternoon we decorated the trunk of our car so we could go Trunk or Treating at church. There were a bunch of people, so the kids got plenty of candy! Makayla looked beautiful as Princess Giselle, and Landon was an adorable Tiger. Michael and I decided to dress up last minute so he wore and old lab coat and put red paint on it and was a Mad Scientist, and I wore my sister's cheer warm ups and was a Cheerleader. It was a lot of fun this year. Landon didn't know what was going on but Makayla would go up to the people and say "Trick or Treat" It was so cute! We had a great night, and are still eating the candy we got.
We also carved pumpkins at Grandma Ibeys - I decided to paint them instead this year.