Thursday, January 28, 2010


So, as of Jan. 26 Landon is pretty much walking! Can you believe it?! He's barely 9 months old! He is just doing everything so fast! I guess he sees his big sister doing things and wants to do it also. We are so proud of him! He has been letting go and taking a few steps here and there, but now he is up to 15 steps! If he falls, he will crawl over to something, stand back up and walk again. What a big boy! Here are some pictures of this big achievement.

I'm realizing more and more how different boys and girls are. Makayla is a girly girl and loves to dress up, play with her babies, do her makeup etc. and Landon is such a boy! He loves playing with cords, remotes, and pretty much everything you tell him not to, lol. I love having one of each. It's so much fun to see the differences! Hopefully down the road we will have one more of each... :)

Everything is going well with buying the condo. The appraisal even came back higher than the purchase price so we already made some money on it, woo hoo! We are still on track to close early/mid February! So exciting!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recent events

Once again I've fallen behind...Here are some recent events.

Dec. 30 Landon stood up and took his first step. I was like what?! Since then he has been taking more and more steps. He will be walking like a pro in no time! He's also been self feeding with finger foods, opening/closing his hand to say hi and bye, and giving big open mouth kisses when you say "kisses" I love it!

Dec. 31 Celebrated New Years at my Parent's house. Ate lots of yummy junk food!

Jan 7 & 8 Makayla had her first two days of dance class. Thursday was ballet/jazz and Friday was Tap. She looked adorable in her leotards and shoes! She played really shy and didn't do much, which I figured she would. Now she loves it and is doing great. She is taking classes at Carden School in Whittier and her teacher is Sarah Lemmon. It is so much fun to watch her! I've very proud of her!

Jan 12 We opened escrow on a condo in La Habra off Lambert and Walnut. Yes, we are moving, if all goes as planned. It is 3 Bedrooms and 2.25 baths 1375 sq ft. We are really excited! It sure has been an emotional roller coaster! We are excited to buy our first place but sad to leave the home we have known for almost 5 1/2 years! Luckily we are only moving about 10 min away so it's still close to family and friends. I will keep you posted...We should close mid Feb...

April 19 Landon had his 9 month check up. He weighed in at 18 lbs 4 oz and is 28 1/2 inches long. While there the doctor discovered that he had an ear infection in his right ear...I was like what?! I had no idea. He wasn't acting cranky, or pulling at it or anything. I felt so bad for not knowing. The doctor gave up some antibiotics so he should be better soon. Poor guy...

Here are some recent pictures